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    Leavers' Camp 2017

    We are happy to announce that this year's Leavers' Camp is on its way and you are invited to spend these amazing days with the new generation of Laikas, the beloved core staff, module leaders, mentors and alumni. As you know, it is entirely organised by the Milestone Alumni and it is packed with fun and traditions. It is basically the first step in the integration into the wider Milestone community and by tradition, this will be held in the beautiful countryside setting of Csorompuszta in Veszprem County, from August 31th to September 3rd.


    Best wishes,

    The Organising Committee


    Milestone Institute

    Milestone Leavers' Camp 2017

  • The Team

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    Bori Tóth


    Hey guys, I’m Bori, studying Arts and Sciences at UCL, and I’ll be the chair of this years Leavers’ Camp. I’m looking forward to meet you all and get ready for a once in a lifetime experience!

    Misi Tamás

    Deputy Chair

    Hey Guys, I'm Misi and I'll be the deputy chair of this years Leavers Camp. I study Hebrew and Politics at SOAS. I love playing squash, traveling and hanging out with my friends. I'm looking forward to seeing you all!

    Rebi Gaál

    Leavers' Coordinator & Treasurer

    Come, so you can see my face too.

    Ádám Fehérvári

    Alumni and Staff Coordinartor & Treasurer

    You know me.

    Bia Skrinyár

    Programme Coordinator

    Hey guys, I am Bia and I am in charge of the programmes and also partly of the theme of the camp... So basically this means that you can blame me if you don't like the camp. Just kidding it will be awesome! Make sure that you save the date! Other than this I am going into my second year in the fall at Durham University and I study Liberal Arts. This is a combined honours degree and I study English Literature, Philosophy and Anthropology.

    Eszter Huczka

    Programme Coordinator

    Hiiii everyone, I'm Eszter and I'm gonna be your Programme Director with Bia this year. I study Modern Languages and Cultures (German and Spanish) at Durham University. I love Ballroom and Latin dancing, playing the guitar and smiling aaaaall the time. We will make sure with Bia that you'll enjoy the programmes during the camp and that you won't regret coming! See you there

    Dorka Farkas

    Logistics Coordinator

    Student of psychology, enthusiast of cognitive sciences, admirer of foreign languages, competitor in gymnastics, habitué of hidden cafés, consumer of peanut butter, beholden to The Smiths, worst at self-summaries.

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